Established in 2007, Pizza Hut Delivery (“PHD”) is the first restaurant in Indonesia focusing on delivery services. It answered the need for fast food delivery service amid the worsening traffic congestion and increasing number of women entering the workforce. By opening PHD, the Company proactively and defensively created a barrier for possible entry of competitors. PHD, which focuses on delivery, was designed to specifically capture a segment that has not been utilized to its maximum potential by dine-in restaurants. 


At its onset, the delivery restaurant required a certain degree of acceptance by customers who were unaccustomed to the new delivery concept. During its first three years, PHD had only nine outlets. As customers became more accustomed to the concept and customer needs changed, PHD began to grow more aggressively. From 23 outlets in 2010, it successfully more than tripled its size within two years, reaching 76 outlets in 2012. It has since become the Company’s growth driver and as of December 31, 2017, PHD’s market share reported by Euromonitor registered 64.6%, with a total of 156 outlets. 


PHD positions itself as the best interactive pizza delivery service, serving high-quality pizzas delivered hot from the oven and right on time. PHD’s target consumers are men and women ages 18-40 years old, particularly those under A to C+ category.


In support of the Trusted Delivery Service concept, PHD’s popular service guarantees to meet a customer’s order within 30 minutes, otherwise, customers will receive free pizza voucher. PHD continues to build its image as a modern delivery restaurant by providing fast and reliable services through website and mobile applications.